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The virtual World Stroke Congress provides a rare opportunity to push forward your career and present in front of international colleagues and experts - all from the comfort of your own home or workplace, at registration rates starting from €20. Presenting internationally has never been so affordable and accessible!

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Angels medical library

 | Post date: 2021/06/21 | 
On behalf of the Angels team, we hope you and your families have been keeping well and safe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With face-to-face meetings having been very limited as per authority guidelines, in order to continue our Angels support to optimize stroke care and management, we have launched the Angels Medical Library which consists of multiple resources and tools which can be utilized to support your teams in their continuous education in line with our commitment to save Stroke Patients.

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The 9th International Iranian Stroke Congress

 | Post date: 2017/03/7 | 

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Iranian Stroke Society Seasonal symposium was held in Tehran as school summer on September 8th - 9th 2016

Iranian Stroke Society Seasonal Symposium Was Held In Tehran As School Summer On September 8th - 9th 2016.On This Intensive Two Days Workshop Which Was Held With The Members Of Ministry Of Health And Medical Education, Iranian Stroke Society And All The Neurologists Responsible For Program 724 Of Ministry Of Health From The Selected Hospitals Across The Country, Recent Scientific Achievements On Stroke Treatments Were Discussed And Investigated.

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